Training School

Following the successful three previous editions in Gorizia (Italy), the forth edition of the Danube:Future Interdisciplinary School was organized in Krems (A) by the Danube-University Krems. The School focused on the cultural and social implications of global change on the Danube River Basin and the core topics of interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.

AEMS is an academic Summer School that offers a new approach: An evaluation of economic alternatives that considers natural boundaries and the human factor to be equal parts of the equation. Our goal: To help solve some of societies’ problems by presenting viable alternatives to processes and developments that are putting enormous strains on economic, ecologic and social boundaries.

This academic program links theoretical approaches to economic and monetary alternatives with subject-specific content from different scientific disciplines and work experience:

“Post-Socialist Transformations in the Danube Region - 25 Years After the Collapse of the Soviet Union”
Each year, the DRC Summer School is hosted by a different university and therefore offers a variety of settings. The combination of expert lectures in the morning and workshops held by experienced scholars using innovative methods in the afternoon will give you the chance to: 

Following in the tradition of cabinets of art or curiosities (Kunstkammer) and studioli, museums and libraries have come to understand themselves as places devoted to collection, preservation, and scholarship. At the same time, they have also routinely taken on a political significance, insofar as they represent the prevailing balance of power and system of knowledge.

Danube Winter School

Danube Area Research Center (DAReC) is a non-governmental organization, with the main goals to educate young people interested in the research of Danube region, establishing partnerships with the civil society and academic communities and implementing projects. We are pleased to announce the official call for the Danube Winter School (DWS), designed in partnership with the European Danube Academy, the organizer of Danube Summer School in Ulm (DSS), which was the initial spark for organizing this school.