Diana Bebenova-Nikolova

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+359 888 494 077
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Ph.D Student
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University of Ruse, Faculty of Business and Management, Department of European Studies, Tutor Prof. Juliana Popova
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SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
Research fields: 
Intercultural Communication and Competence
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Currently, I am almost finishing my PhD doctoral studies in Ruse University on the topic of ‘Acquiring Intercultural Competence in Multicultural Teams, Working on Transborder projects”. My research focuses on surveying Bulgarian-Romanian cross-border teams under CBC Romania – Bulgaria 2007-2014. In addition to that, I am also teaching Intercultural Communication in Ruse University. As part of the Erasmus+mobility I lectured on the same topic in Danubius University, Galatsi, Romania in 2016. From February until May 2017 I had the chance to teach and do research work on the same topics at Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, China. Together with my academic career in the formal education, I have been involved in non-formal education as the Chairperson of the NGO ‘Paralel – Silistra’. As a member of the civil society from the Danube cross-border region, I have been managing or coordinating projects under the CBC Romania – Bulgaria 2007-2014 as well as under the current INTERREG VA.

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