2013 Edition

Interdisciplinary Methods for the Sustainable Development of the Danube Region.

In 2013, two full-day excursions to the Upper and Lower Isonzo valley will offer a unique opportunity for students to engage with the sustainability challenges of river basins. Lectures throughout the week will introduce to students a host of interdisciplinary approaches for dealing with the roles of cultural and natural heritage in sustainable development. Teachers will discuss the challenges in a roundtable discussion each afternoon, followed by group work by students. Student groups will identify a project they want to develop throughout the school. Group presentations with direct feedback by faculty will  strengthen the learning outcomes.

DIANET 2013 can be offered to you at minimal cost, living expenses as well as tuition being covered by the European Social Fund (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region). You might also be eligible for travel assistance by your home university.

Should you require further information, please contact dianetschool@units.it.

!! 2013 DIAnet International School Proceedings are available at this link

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