Danube:Future Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base aims at:

  • Compiling and disseminating existing projects linked thematically to Danube:Future;
  • fostering collaboration between Members;
  • supporting the creation of new networks (e.g. for building interdisciplinary projects);
  • sharing the outcomes of sustainability-oriented research related to the DRB.

The Knowledge Base is a dynamic database. It is updated regularly and is made available to supporting and supported researchers, universities, institutions, enterprises, regional or local administrators, or politicians.

The Knowledge Base is available open access, ensuring that the outputs of the Danube:Future project are utilized by universities, organizations, civil society institutions or other involved parties.

The Knowledge Base contains the following types of data:

  • Members
  • Projects
  • Working groups
  • Sub-Working Groups
  • Publications
  • WIKI Contents



In this document  you can find information about the structure of the Knowledge Base and the procedure to become part of it! All the registered members can contribute by sharing their own knowledge and experience.

For further information, please contact knowledgebase@danubefuture.eu