Identifying criteria for developing decision support

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 10:45 to 12:30

In this repository you will find several documents which should allow you to get an overview about important aspects in developing decision support systems:

  • Power Point Presentations: The slides provide a rough overview about DSS, the features and functonailities of DSS, as well as an overview about the process of development - which should help to identify relevant criteria for DSS development projects.
  • Paper by Reynolds et al. (2005): This paper provides you with a general overview about DSS in natural resource management. The current and future challenges of forest and conservation management are discussed and how these challenges might be adressed by DSS.
  • Paper by Harteveld (2009): This article presents the underlying design philosophy of serious games. This philosophy stipulates that the design of a digital serious game is a multiobjective problem in which trade-offs need to be made. Making these tradeoffs takes place in a design space defined by three equally important components: (a) Play, (b) Meaning, and (c) Reality. The various tensions between these three components result in design dilemmas and trilemmas that make it difficult to balance a serious game. Each type of tension is illustrated with one or more examples from the design of a case study in the Netherlands the "LEVEE PATROLLER".
Scientific area: 
Decision Support Systems