L04: Surveying of the Unprotected Architectural Heritage

Sunday, March 15, 2015 - 15:30 to 17:00

Aim of the lecture is to emphasize the importance of selection of proper technique for surveying of the material architectural heritage in thread.

Surveying and 3D modelling of unprotected architectural heritage is highly delicate problem, which deals with various constraints such as: the aim of the surveying (required precision and required final result), available resources (time, finances, equipment, etc.), site conditions (light, indoor/outdoor, surrounding, etc.) and characteristics of the object (size, shape, material, etc.).The main specific in surveying heritage in thread is that the objects are usually in critical condition and the damage rapidly evolves, while on the other hand there often in no time and recourses for highly professional surveying. 

Critical overview of the techniques (measuring, image-based modelling (areal, close-range and single view reconstruction), scanning) and theirs relationship to other properties of the specifics to unprotected architectural heritage in thread will be presented.