2018 Danube:Future Interdisciplinary School - press release

2018 Danube:Future Interdisciplinary School (DIS)

Project Management and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development of the Regions in the Danube River Basin

VENUE: University of Ruse, Bulgaria

DATE: September 9th – 16th, 2018


Following the successful four previous editions in Gorizia (Italy) in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and in Krems (Austria) in 2017, the fifth edition was organized in Bulgaria by the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”. The latest edition of the School focused to the sustainable development of the Danube River Basin supported by topics such as project management and entrepreneurship.

The Danube:Future Interdisciplinary School is part of the Capacity Building Module of Danube:Future - a Flagship Project of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), in the Priority Area “Knowledge Society”. Danube:Future is a joint network project of the Alps-Adriatic Rector’s Conference (AARC) and the Danube Rector’s Conference (DRC). It aims at capacity building in the Danube River Basin (DRB) and at providing networking to aid the development of joint research projects for a sustainable future of the DRB.

With the financial support of the University of Ruse, the Danube Rectors’ Conference and the Central European Initiative (Cooperation Fund 2017) 24 participants representing 13 Universities from 9 CEI Countries both EU (Austria, Bulgaria– host country, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Romania) and non-EU (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia), attended the 2018 edition of Danube:Future Interdisciplinary School. Mr. Ugo Poli, the representative of CEI, introduced the CEI development through the years, their activities and opportunities, and the main topics which are discussed during strategy-setting meetings. Sebastian Schäffer of the DRC presented his speech “Danube Universities as promoters of a society of knowledge and a sustainable development”.

14 PhD students and 10 junior researchers had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the cultural, social, economic and ecological implication of global changes on the Danube River Basin. Following an introduction on the core topic of the Interdisciplinary School – Project Management and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development of the Regions in the Danube River Basin, the 2018 DIS covered a wide range of subjects, such as: entrepreneurship and innovations, project management for EU projects, economic development of the Danube Region, long-term socio-ecological changes, historical, social and metrical aspects of sustainability, key performance indicators and maturity of organizations, intercultural competence, etc. Two half-day excursions- to the Natural Park ‘Rusenski Lom’ and to the municipal administrations of Ruse (Bulgaria) and Giurgiu (Romania), deepened the understanding of the participants and offered a unique opportunity to deal with the challenges of the macro-region.

Several hours were dedicated to group work by participants which were divided into 4 groups named after Roman fortresses along the Danube- Axiopolis (Cerna Voda), Novae (Svishtov), Aegyssus (Tulcea), and Durostorum (Silistra). With the support of the 2018 DIS facilitators and experts, the teams identified common ideas for a future project and wrote their draft project proposals. The group presentations were enhanced by the direct feedback by the International Jury and the fellow-participants. The 2018 DIS agenda was completed by a special event for awarding certificates to all team members.

The revised project proposals as well as the presentations of the keynote speakers and the lecturers are going to be included in the upcoming conference proceedings.