Call for applications

Application for Non-EU candidates 1 March 2016 before intended starting winter semester (due to visa and residence permit procedures) and 20 June
for EU candidates: 20 June 2016 before intended starting winter semester.

While many scholars recently focused on working migration in the EU context, the diversity of migration processes, including leisure or lifestyle oriented moves or, most recently, forced migration in terms of asylum seekers, changes societies both on a (supra)national, regional and even local scale. Small communities in peripheral rural areas often become focal points of implications of migration processes that challenges actors involved in integration, participation and spatial development.

Scientific side event of the EUSDR Annual Forum in Ulm 28–31 October 2015

The workshops supports PhD and Master students to advance their empirical dissertations and Master thesis on macro-regional strategies. The project has an interdisciplinary approach with a small group of experts. It offers a platform of exchange on theory and empirical enquiry.

Application deadline: 31 August 2015