Workshop “A view on the Romanian aquatic life - endangered or invaded?”

On May 16th, BOKU University hosted the Austrian premiere of the documentary “Lives among Waters”, a film about the life in the Danube Delta, made by Dr. Oana Ivan.
The movie was presented in the frame of the CEEPUS network EcoManAqua in the workshop “A view on the Romanian aquatic life - endangered or invaded?”.

The documentary is focused on understanding the livelihoods of the fishermen living inside the Danube Delta UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Based on a PhD research in anthropology, the film follows the story of the local people over a period of 7 years looking at the ways tourism and environmental protection deeply affects the community, as locals are being marginalized and ignored.
After the presentation, filmmaker Dr. Oana Ivan was present for an exchange with the audience. The discussion pointed the burning issues that should be on the top agenda of the policy-makers and sustainable development projects managers for protected areas. As Prof. Thomas Hein emphasized, the current management approach in the Danube Delta is partly the result of the gap between institutional approaches and the living situation of the local population. The local knowledge and historical development of the environment including any aspects of human – nature interactions should be considered when tailoring the conservation programs. The traditional approach of humans against nature has been shown to limit our achievements in more sustainable ecosystem management, while acknowledging the history of a coupled co-evolution of humans and their environment might be a suitable future approach.
The event was organized by Dr. Andreas Zitek, and also hosted the presentation of Dr. Daniel Cocan from University of Agricultural Sciences Cluj Napoca , invited at BOKU through a mobility grant of Ecology and Management of Aquatic ecosystems in Central-East and South-East Europe program (through CEEPUS).
A trailer of the film is available at: