Prof. Verena Winiwarter, Danube:Future Project Coordinator, will held a lecture on "The Emerging Long-Term View: Challenges and Opportunities of Writing Environmental Histories in Central Europe".

In attachment the agenda.

The Annual Forum is the main event of the year for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, assembling its stakeholders from the whole Danube area to give strategic direction, exchange and showcase opinions and experiences, and discuss vital questions of the Strategy’s prospects and challenges.

Danube:Future will be presented during the "Danube Cosmos: Ready for Action (slot 1)" (Day 2, 9,30 am) under the topic "Sustainability of the Danube Region as a Multidisciplinary Issue in Research and Education"

In the framework of DIAnet project - Danube Initiative and Alps Adriatic Network – AREA, the multi-sectoral Science and Technology Park in Trieste (north-eastern Italy), organizes a new cycle of free Thematic Seminars. 
The next events are dedicated to the "Eu Policies for transnational mobility": the new models and the good practices for the management of transnational mobility.

Seminars will be held from Aprile 1st to 2nd  at AREA Science Park - Trieste (Italy). 

The project “ENVIEDAN - Environmental history of the Viennese Danube 1500-1890: Understanding dynamics patterns and long-term side-effects of the colonization of rivers”, linked to the Danube:Future project, was chosen as one of 12 EU-wide projects to be included in the brochure Humanities in the Societal Challenges: 12 compelling cases for policymakers, recently produced by the Science Europe Scientific Committee for the Humanities.

In the framework of the EU project “DIAnet - Danubian Initiative and Alps Adriatic Network” AREA Science Park, the multi-sectoral Science and Technology Park in Trieste (north-eastern Italy) organizes 15 thematic seminars focused on internationalization, innovation and tools to support mobility, addressed to sharing good practices and transfer competences, intended firstly for technical, administrative and managerial staff working for the DIAnet network member institutions.