Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services – Science in action (Sofia, February 2017)

The conference ( ) aims to bring together researchers from different countries to discuss the scientific aspects of mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services. It will be focused on the methods for mapping of ecosystem services, the challenges and problems of their implementation in the national assessments related to MAES. The program includes plenary sessions with keynotes and workshops on the main conference topics:

  • Mapping of ecosystems
  • Assessment of ecosystem’s condition
  • Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services
    • Biophysical perspectives
    • Socio-cultural perspectives

The project was included in programme BG03 Biodiversity and ecosystem services at the request of the Financial Mechanism Office instead of another support mechanism initially envisaged by the MoEW. Its functions are both scientific and administrative (coordination and capacity building), addressing the challenge of a nationwide parallel exercise of ecosystems state assessment and ecosystem services biophysical valuation on a large scale in an extremely short period, as well as the challenges of producing compatible national maps across ecosystems.