DF-Networks Danube:Future – Building knowledge-based networks for the integration of the natural and cultural heritage of the Danube Region into sustainable development

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HAIDVOGL Gertrud, BOKU Vienna, Austria
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The Danube region (DR) disposes of a rich natural and cultural heritage. Recent projects (e.g. Danube:Future) stress its potential for sustainable development. However, cooperation between local and regional knowledge centers to investigate the role of such heritage as an asset of identity and sustainable development as well as interaction with stakeholders remains weak. More focused commitment of knowledge centres incl. joint research and publication as strategic target of EUSDR is needed.  

The project aims at (1) developing specific knowledge related to the role of natural and cultural heritage for sustainable development by connecting research centers and capacities of the DR; (2) pilot testing and delivering guidance for transnational cooperation and awareness, incl. links between science, education, policy and stakeholders, also based on Adriatic–Ionian Region best practice.

Expected results: 

The project will ensure an active involvement of key-actors in both Macro-Regions. It will result in a new dialogue between research and education centers along the Danube as well as between science and relevant local/national stakeholders. Based on pilot testing, the project will offer guidance for networks focusing on the role of cultural and natural heritage for sustainable development.

Contribution to Danube Region: 

Challenges related to natural and cultural heritage and sustainable development are addressed on a strengthened knowledge-basis by bringing together regionally available skills in functioning networking. This project contributes in particular to PA7, as well as PA3 and PA6 targets, but also to PA9.

October, 2017 to September, 2018