Civil society / environmental protection ngos in Croatia in the period 1989-2014

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LAY, Vladimir
PUDAK, Jelena
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Civilno drustvo i udruge na podrucju zastite okolisa u harvatsko 1989-2014
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In this paper we will outline three time periods through which we will describe the main developmental processes in formation of civil society and environmental movement in Croatia. In the first part of paper we will describe beginnings of civil society formation in Croatia still being a member of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Awareness of environmental problems in Croatia and Yugoslavia appeared relatively early, during ‘70 (last century), not lagging much behind the developed countries, but still in a quite smaller extent. Reactions of the system regarding warnings about environmental deterioration and pollution coming from below have been restricting and civil society had limited impact. As the political system changed, and as Croatia gained independence, new processes are appearing on the civil society scene. In second part of paper we will describe development and change of non-governmental organizations / environmental movement in the period from 1990 till today. Over past 25 years number and profile of environmental NGOs in Croatia has changed constantly in number and character, but in last couple of years the civil society ‘scene’ has stabilized and matured. In third part of paper we will outline the state and profile of environmental non-governmental organizations in Croatia in 2014. Then we will adress most recent relevant surveys, Sustainability Index of civil society orgnizations and Civil society index, and we will outline the part of qualitative research that refers to the sectoral perception of environmetal NGO-s. Finally we will concludeabout the state and direction of environmental organizations development in Croatia.Regarding the later we can speak of well-formed and developed environmental movement in Croatia, although not mass and large-scaled. The state of environmental organizations is improved in almost every aspect, except in financial segment regard in the economic crisis. Nontheless, dispite the improvments in public perception, environmental organizations are still not recognized as equal partner by the policy and private sector.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015