Concluding remarks on the DIAnet International School project


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Brumat, Stefano
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The 2015 DIAnet International School (DIS) was the last of three editions and was held in Gorizia (Italy) in March 2015. The project cycle of the DIAnet schools on sustainable development in the Danube Region has finally concluded with this edition on the “Role of Cultural Heritage”, a thematic issue which has been addressed with an interdisciplinary approach. Ten countries of the Danube region were represented by 39 participants from 16 Universities. During the School, training was ensured through a blend of lectures, excursions and project group work. The Welcome Ceremony opened with the address by the Rector of the University of Trieste, followed by the Deputy-Mayor of Gorizia. These Proceedings include the presentations on “War, colonization and trade in the Danube Basin in the modern era: some sustainabilityrelated issues” by Prof. Marco Dogo, the School Director, and “The Role of Cultural Heritage in the Danube River Basin” by Prof. Verena Winiwarter, the Danube:Future Project Coordinator. Six project ideas were drafted by the School participants with the assistance of two facilitators from the University of Novi Sad, the leading partner. A final evaluation of the event by Prof. Manuela Montagnari, the School Deputy-Director, can be found at the end of this book as well as some final considerations concerning the results and achievements of the three-year project. The DIAnet International School is part of the Capacity Building Module of Danube:Future – A sustainable future for the Danube River Basin as a challenge for interdisciplinary humanities, a Flagship project of EUSDR PA7 – Knowledge Society.

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The role of cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region
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Brumat, Stefano
2015 DIAnet International School
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Italy, Gorizia
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14/03/2015 - 23/03/2015
EUT, University of Trieste
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Italy, Trieste
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Sunday, December 27, 2015