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The role of cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region, Gorizia 14th-23rd March 2015. Proceedings Fermeglia Maurizio. 2016 cultural heritage
"Only a hidden watercourse?" The rivulet Liesing and its relevance for spatial development of Vienna's rural surroundings to its periphery Book Leineweber, Julia 2015 cities and towns, demography, population, human population, industry, land-use/land-cover
Adriatic grayling (Thymallus thymallus, Linnaeus, 1758) in Soča River basin in Slovenia Book Jesenek, Dušan 2004 animals, aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection
ALLUVIAL FOREST ORGANIZATION IN THE UPPER RHONE VALLEY; COMPARISON WITH OTHER FLUVIALS SYSTEMS Article in journal Pautou, Guy 1984 ecosystems (terrestrial), forests and woodlands
Alona stochi n.sp. - the third cave-dwelling cladoceran (Crustacea: Cladocera)from the Dinaric region Proceedings Brancelj, Anton 1997 animals, ecosystems (terrestrial)
Analysis of sediments from the Lovrenc Lakes on Pohorje on the basis of water flea and diatom remains - as an indicator of environmental change: final report Book Brancelj, Anton 1999 animals, aquatic ecosystems, pollution
ArchaeoGates Danube River Submerged Heritage Scanning and Data-base. Proceedings Codromaz Federica. 2015 cultural heritage
Argonauts – Restoration of Ancient Inland Waterways to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Borderlands. Proceedings Dato Gaetano. 2013 natural heritage, tourism
Artificial Green Floating Islands. Proceedings Basha Rozafa. 2013 environmental pressures, impacts and stress
Atlas of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) of Slovenia Book Verovnik, Rudi 2012 animals
Austria`s Danube. Landscape - fish - history Book Jungwirth, Mathias 2014 aquatic ecosystems, natural heritage, restoration
Bača River and assesment of caring capacity Article in journal Šumer, Suzana  2002 animals, aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, plants
BioBricks. The Fate and Effetct of Sewage Sludge-Based Bricks on Human Health and Water Resource Quality. Proceedings Barna, Cristian Radu. 2013 infrastructure, waste
Biology, dissemination, development and fishing intensity of the bream (Abramis brama L.) in Danube River and the rivers of the Black Sea region Article in journal Ristic, M. 1972 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Birds of Ljubljana and its environs Book Tome, Davorin 2013 animals, cities and towns, ecosystems (terrestrial), pollution
Building project ideas during the DIAnet International School Proceedings Radišić, Mladen 2015 teaching material
Building project ideas during the DIAnet International School. Proceedings Radišić Mladen. 2015 scholarship and sciences
Challenges of river basin management: Current status of, and prospects for, the River Danube from a river engineering perspective Article in journal Habersack Helmut 2016 aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, infrastructure, technology, engineering, transportation
Changes in habitat conditions caused by anthropogenic wave wash and the potential influence on the Danube 0+ fish fauna Article in journal Hirzinger, Verena 2002 animals, transportation
Changes in the fish fauna of an alluvial trench of the Danube within fifty years Article in journal Merwald, Friedrich (Fritz) 1981 aquatic ecosystems, environmental pressures, impacts and stress, pollution, water, wetland and estuaries
Changes in water and land: the reconstructed Viennese riverscape from 1500 to the present Article in journal Severin Hohensinner 2013 agriculture, interdisciplinarity
Civil society / environmental protection ngos in Croatia in the period 1989-2014 Article in journal LAY, Vladimir 2014 environmental legacy
Co-creative Innovation for Sustainability: Creating Robustness in a Rapidly. Changing World Through Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research Article in journal Winiwarter, Verena 2017 interdisciplinarity
Commercial fishery at the Danube and its tributaries in the region of Eferding Chapter in volume Jungwirth, Regina 2001 aquatic ecosystems, human population, industry, long-term-socio-ecological studies, trade, water
Commercial fishery on the Danube and it´s tributaries around Eferding Article in journal Jungwirth, Regine 2001 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Compression behaviour of bulk rapeseed: Effects of heat treatment, force and speed Article in journal Kabutey, Abraham 2017
Concluding remarks on the DIAnet International School project Proceedings Brumat, Stefano 2015 cultural heritage, interdisciplinarity, natural heritage
Conclusions Proceedings Montagnari Kokelj, Manuela 2015 interdisciplinarity
Consequences of hydraulic engineering and thermal stress on the self purification ability of the Danube Article in journal Weber, Edmund 1974 environmental pressures, impacts and stress, human population, pollution
Conservational biology - conserving Marble trout Chapter in volume Jesenšek, Dušan 2002 animals, aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection