Format: 2019
Title Typesort descending Main Author Year Topics
Looking at half a millennium of co-existence: the Danube in Vienna as a socio-natural site Article in journal Verena Winiwarter 2013 cities and towns
Urban land for a growing city at the banks of a moving river: Vienna's spread into the Danube island Unterer Werd from the late 17th to the beginning of the 20th century Article in journal Haidvogl, Gertrud 2013 land-use/land-cover
Changes in water and land: the reconstructed Viennese riverscape from 1500 to the present Article in journal Severin Hohensinner 2013 agriculture, interdisciplinarity
Four windows on borderlands : dimensions of place defined by land cover change data from historical maps Article in journal RIBEIRO, Daniela 2013 land-use/land-cover
Danube:Future - making the improbable..possible Article in journal Gueourgiev, Tzvetelin 2015 interdisciplinarity, methods
Danube: Future - A Sustainable Future for the Danube River Basin as a Challenge for the Interdisciplinary Humanities Article in journal WINIWARTER, Verena 2014 environmentalism, interdisciplinarity, long-term-socio-ecological studies
Civil society / environmental protection ngos in Croatia in the period 1989-2014 Article in journal LAY, Vladimir 2014 environmental legacy
Large- scale protection from wetlands in Danube floodplain National Park Article in journal Manzano, Carl 2000 environmentalism
Fish ecological investigation at the Danube River System 'Neue Donau" in Vienna Article in journal Waidbacher, Herwig 2002
The fate of the large sturgeon species in the Upper Danube Article in journal Schmall, Bernhard 2014 animals
Contributions to the ecology of large rivers illustrated by the fish fauna of the Austrian Danube Article in journal Schiemer, Fritz 1998 aquatic ecosystems
Natural characteristic of the Danube floodplain in Machland and hydromorphological changes by human interventions (1812-1991) Article in journal Hohensinner, Severin 2006 interdisciplinarity
Current status and restoration options for floodplains along the Danube River Science of the total Environment Article in journal Hein Thomas 2016 aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, environmental pressures, impacts and stress, restoration
Educating for action: Aligning skills with policies for sustainable development in the Danube river basin Article in journal Irvine Kenneth 2016 education, interdisciplinarity, scholarship and sciences
Challenges of river basin management: Current status of, and prospects for, the River Danube from a river engineering perspective Article in journal Habersack Helmut 2016 aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, infrastructure, technology, engineering, transportation
The Conservation Knowledge and Attitudes of Teenagers in Slovenia toward the Eurasian Otter Article in journal Torkar, Gregor 2010 animals, aquatic ecosystems, education
The fish fauna of the Danube at Linz Article in journal Merwald, Friedrich 1969 aquatic ecosystems, environmental pressures, impacts and stress, pollution, water
Linz and the Danube Article in journal Rainer, Roland 1962 aquatic ecosystems, cities and towns, conservation and environmental protection, energy, environmentalism, landscape, water
The ‘Korneuburger Danube Floodplains’ (Lower Austria). The ecological situation of a floodplain downstream of the power plant Greifenstein in the year 1986 Article in journal Straka, Ulrich 1991 aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, forests and woodlands, water, wetland and estuaries
Some hydrochemical, hydro biological and ichthyological features of Yugoslav part of the Danube lasting for several years Article in journal Petrovic, Grozdana 1987 aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection, pollution
ALLUVIAL FOREST ORGANIZATION IN THE UPPER RHONE VALLEY; COMPARISON WITH OTHER FLUVIALS SYSTEMS Article in journal Pautou, Guy 1984 ecosystems (terrestrial), forests and woodlands
Dissemination of Chlidonias Hybridis (Pallas) in Europe and North Africa Article in journal Mees, G.F. 1979 conservation and environmental protection, ecosystems (terrestrial), wetland and estuaries
Contributions to the study of the ecology and control of the Ixodids of the Danube delta. I. Distribution and phenology Article in journal G. Badescu, G. S. Mihai, L. Cavris 1984 animals, ecosystems (terrestrial), wetland and estuaries
Biology, dissemination, development and fishing intensity of the bream (Abramis brama L.) in Danube River and the rivers of the Black Sea region Article in journal Ristic, M. 1972 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Considerations of stocking salmon and eel in the Danube river Article in journal Kric, A. 1884 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Fish and fish trading in ancient Linz Article in journal Wacha, Georg 1956 animals, aquatic ecosystems, cities and towns, consumption
House sparrows and their obliteration at the time of Maria Theresia Article in journal Wacha, Georg 1960 agriculture, animals, sources
The freshwater fish market in Linz (with special focus on the main period before World War I) Article in journal Kerschner, Theodor 1956 animals, cities and towns, consumption
Kollmann´s fisheries map of Salzburg, 1898 Article in journal Jäger, Paul 1988 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Contributions to North Tyrol´s fisheries management Article in journal Diem, Hermann 1963 animals, aquatic ecosystems