Format: 2019
Title Type Main Author Year Topics
The channelization of the Donaukanal Chapter in volume Kortz, Paul 1902 aquatic ecosystems, cities and towns
Alona stochi n.sp. - the third cave-dwelling cladoceran (Crustacea: Cladocera)from the Dinaric region Proceedings Brancelj, Anton 1997 animals, ecosystems (terrestrial)
New Data on the Prehistoric Fauna of the Iron Gates: A Case Study from Schela Cladovei, Romania Proceedings Bartosiewicz, Laszlo 2001 animals, aquatic ecosystems, cultural heritage
Migration and exceptional migratory phenomena with birds. Article in journal Vrezec, Al 2006 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Hunting and population regulation in birds. Article in journal Denac, Damjan 2010 animals, aquatic ecosystems, conservation and environmental protection
Slovene alpine lakes and environmental changes Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 2013 animals, aquatic ecosystems, pollution
Overview of zooplankton crustaceans (Crustacea: Copepoda, Cladocera) and insects (Insecta: Diptera) in larger standing waters in Slovenia Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1992 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Zooplancton in Lake Bled Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1989 animals, aquatic ecosystems
High Mountain pearl is losing its luster - forever? : Endangered Double Lake Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 2009 animals, aquatic ecosystems, plants, pollution
Mountain lakes in Slovenia : a case study of invironmental change and pollution Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1999 animals, aquatic ecosystems, plants
Diversity of Copepoda (Crustacea) in the unsaturated zone of karstic caves of Slovenia Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 2010 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Sediments reveal events in the alpine lakes Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 2013 animals, aquatic ecosystems, plants
Preliminary list of freshwater ostracoda (crustacea) from Slovenia / Huw I. Griffiths, Anton Brancelj Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1996 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Four different head shapes in Daphnia hyalina (Leydig) induced by the presence of larvae of Chaoborus flavicans (Meigen) Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1996 animals, ecosystems (terrestrial)
Pseudomoraria triglavensis gen. n., sp. n. (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from a high-alpine reservoir in Slovenia  Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1994 animals, aquatic ecosystems, water
Diurnal vertical migration of Daphnia hyalina Leydig, 1860 (Crustacea) in lake Bled in relation and predation Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1994 animals, aquatic ecosystems, climate and weather
Underground fauna of crustaceans (Arthropoda:Crustacea) in two water caves on the Carst edge Article in journal Brancelj, Anton 1992 ecosystems (terrestrial), plants
Considerations of stocking Salmon and Eel in the Danube river Article in journal Kric, A. 1884 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Commercial fishery on the Danube and it´s tributaries around Eferding Article in journal Jungwirth, Regine 2001 animals, aquatic ecosystems
Danube youth – Danube Future. Proceedings Krčmářová Jana. 2014 environmentalism
Refused-Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Waste to reduce landfills (REFREsh DANUBE). Proceedings Kišjuhas Aleksej. 2014 water
Promotion of Low-INput Danube Agriculture in the Mura River Basin (LINDA). Proceedings Diociaiuti Tommaso. 2014 climate and weather
Sharing Responsibility for the Protection of the Danube Delta (SHARED – Society, Heritage, Awareness, River, Environment, Danube). Proceedings Gueorguiev Tzvetelin. 2014 conservation and environmental protection
Environmental pollution monitoring and adverse effects of chemicals used in food production (FoCUS – Food Chemicals Used Safely). Proceedings Anđelković Ana. 2014 water
Creating ecological corridors to support sustainable development based on a long-term approach (ECORR). Proceedings Markelj Miha. 2014 cultural heritage
Former Socialist Countries Open their Past to Europe (SCOPE). Proceedings Árgyelán Tímea. 2015 cultural heritage
Valorization of Wood Cultural Heritage (WCH) for Sustainable Future in Danube Region. Proceedings Hrubalová Lucia. 2015 cultural heritage
ArchaeoGates Danube River Submerged Heritage Scanning and Data-base. Proceedings Codromaz Federica. 2015 cultural heritage
Science cafés for a sustainable future. Transdisciplinary communication to understand the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage in the Danube River Basin. Proceedings Ádám János Imre. 2015 climate and weather, cultural heritage
Interactive Learning Method of Cultural Heritage for Europeanization in the Danube Region – ILMECH. Proceedings Falchi Laura. 2015 cultural heritage