Format: 2019
Title Type Main Author Year Topics
Tisza, Transmission and Innovation: An Innovative Bottom-up Model for Transmission and Promotion of Tisza Cultural Heritage. Proceedings Barberis Rami Matías Ezequiel. 2015 cultural heritage
Building project ideas during the DIAnet International School. Proceedings Radišić Mladen. 2015 scholarship and sciences
The role of cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region. Proceedings Winiwarter Verena. 2015 cultural heritage
War, colonization and trade in the Danube basin in the modern era: some sustainability-related issues. Proceedings Dogo Marco. 2015 war
DeWOS (Danube Wellbeing Operation System) The Development of a Decision Support System for Wellbeing in the Danube River Basin. Proceedings Crupi Valentina. 2013 environmental politics
Argonauts – Restoration of Ancient Inland Waterways to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Borderlands. Proceedings Dato Gaetano. 2013 natural heritage, tourism
Artificial Green Floating Islands. Proceedings Basha Rozafa. 2013 environmental pressures, impacts and stress
Implementing organic food production in the DRB. Proceedings Bossi Emanuele. 2013 demography, population
Green and Integrated Transport on the Danube River Extending and Enhancing the Existing Motorail (Car Trains) System in the Danube River Basin (Drb). Proceedings Bikit Kristina. 2013 transportation
BioBricks. The Fate and Effetct of Sewage Sludge-Based Bricks on Human Health and Water Resource Quality. Proceedings Barna, Cristian Radu. 2013 infrastructure, waste
The role of natural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region, Gorizia 22nd-31st March 2014. Proceedings Brumat Stefano, Macchia Claudia. 2016 cultural heritage, environmentalism, scholarship and sciences
The role of cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region, Gorizia 14th-23rd March 2015. Proceedings Fermeglia Maurizio. 2016 cultural heritage
Interdisciplinary Methods for the sustainable development of Danube Region, Gorizia 13th-22nd April 2013. Proceedings Paoletti Sergio. 2016 environmentalism, scholarship and sciences, sources
The impact of ship- induced wave action on juvenile fish fauna of the Danube Article in journal Schiemer, Fritz 2001
The ecology of amphibians in forest areas of the Danube floodplains above Vienna (Stockerau, Lower Austria) Article in journal Pintar, Manfred 1984
POTENTIAL SOURCES OF CHEMICAL POLLUITION OF DANUBE FLOODPLAIN SECTOR BETW EEN VIDIN-CALAFAT AND NIKOPOL-TURNU MAGURELE Article in journal Kotsev, Tsvetan 2014 environmental pressures, impacts and stress, long-term-socio-ecological studies, pollution
Danube Water Analysis for Petroleum Product Contaminants Presence Article in journal Zamfirova, Krasimira 2011 pollution, water
Myths about the "white" Danube Article in journal Djakov, Hristo 2001 pollution
Danube River water quality analysis in Serbia - pollution problems and protection Article in journal Milanovic, Ana 2010 pollution, water
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Limnology of the Danube Book Liepolt, Reinhard (ed.) 1967 animals, aquatic ecosystems, plants
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The floodplain of the Lower Danube. It´s current state and usage. Book Antipa, Grigore 1912 agriculture, aquatic ecosystems, wetland and estuaries
New Data on the Prehistoric Fauna of the Iron Gates: A Case Study from Schela Cladovei, Romania Proceedings Bartosiewicz, Laszlo 2001 animals, aquatic ecosystems, cultural heritage
Human-Environment Interactions: Learning from the Past Chapter in volume Dearing, John 2007 interdisciplinarity, long-term-socio-ecological studies
Schematic register of the fauna of the Danube including summarizing explanations Chapter in volume Dudich, Endre 1967 animals, aquatic ecosystems
The ichthyofauna of the Danube Chapter in volume Busnita, Theodor 1967 animals, aquatic ecosystems
"Only a hidden watercourse?" The rivulet Liesing and its relevance for spatial development of Vienna's rural surroundings to its periphery Book Leineweber, Julia 2015 cities and towns, demography, population, human population, industry, land-use/land-cover
GIS-based reconstruction of selected water usages of Viennese Danube tributaries and its watersupplies and wastewatersupplies between 1780 - 1900 Book Slavicek, Dagmar 2016 cities and towns, conservation and environmental protection, human population, industry, settlement