Format: 2019
Title Type Main Author Year Topics
Civil society / environmental protection ngos in Croatia in the period 1989-2014 Article in journal LAY, Vladimir 2014 environmental legacy
Conclusions Proceedings Montagnari Kokelj, Manuela 2015 interdisciplinarity
Building project ideas during the DIAnet International School Proceedings Radišić, Mladen 2015 teaching material
The role of cultural heritage for the sustainable development of the Danube Region Proceedings WINIWARTER, Verena 2015 cultural heritage
War, colonization and trade in the Danube basin in the modern era: some sustainability-related issues Proceedings DOGO, Marco 2015 cultural heritage
The role of natural heritage for the sustainable future of the Danube region Proceedings HAIDVOGL, Gertrud 2014 natural heritage
Designing trans-disciplinary projects for sustainable development Proceedings WINIWARTER, Verena 2014 interdisciplinarity
Preface Proceedings BRUMAT, Stefano 2014 interdisciplinarity, natural heritage, teaching material
The 2013 DIAnet International School, its aims and principles against the background of the sustainability challenges of the Danube River Basin Proceedings WINIWARTER, Verena 2013 conservation and environmental protection, interdisciplinarity, teaching material
White Paper on Integrated Sustainable Development of the Danube River Basin Book WINIWARTER, Verena 2015 interdisciplinarity
Danube: Future - A Sustainable Future for the Danube River Basin as a Challenge for the Interdisciplinary Humanities Article in journal WINIWARTER, Verena 2014 environmentalism, interdisciplinarity, long-term-socio-ecological studies
Danube:Future - making the improbable..possible Article in journal Gueourgiev, Tzvetelin 2015 interdisciplinarity, methods
Four windows on borderlands : dimensions of place defined by land cover change data from historical maps Article in journal RIBEIRO, Daniela 2013 land-use/land-cover
Concluding remarks on the DIAnet International School project Proceedings Brumat, Stefano 2015 cultural heritage, interdisciplinarity, natural heritage
Austria`s Danube. Landscape - fish - history Book Jungwirth, Mathias 2014 aquatic ecosystems, natural heritage, restoration
Changes in water and land: the reconstructed Viennese riverscape from 1500 to the present Article in journal Severin Hohensinner 2013 agriculture, interdisciplinarity
Urban land for a growing city at the banks of a moving river: Vienna's spread into the Danube island Unterer Werd from the late 17th to the beginning of the 20th century Article in journal Haidvogl, Gertrud 2013 land-use/land-cover
Looking at half a millennium of co-existence: the Danube in Vienna as a socio-natural site Article in journal Verena Winiwarter 2013 cities and towns