Survey for scholars


Dear Colleagues,

Danube:Future is a flagship project of the EU strategy for the Danube Region, and was established as a joint initiative of the DRC (Danube Rectors' Conference) and AARC (Alps Adriatic Rectors' Conference) in 2013. The project is a networking endeavor for all the Universities and we are working to provide useful tools and services for scientists and for the research community. Danube:Future focuses on sustainability issues of the Danube River Basin, driven by the role of Natural and Cultural Heritage (please, have a look at this presentation: The forthcoming Danube:Future Knowledge base is a strategic tool for scientists working in this thematic framework. 

With this survey, we would like to receive feedback about the needs of scientists from both, existing and potential future members of the community

We kindly ask you to fill this form by December 15th 2017 and we thank you in advance for your time! We plan to report first results of the survey in January 2018.

The Danube:Future Team.


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