aquatic ecosystems

rivers, brooks, lakes, marine systems:

  • History of water level and hydrological changes;
  • Morphological development without and under anthropogenic impact;
  • Bodies of water as factors of production, resource and energy suppliers and means of transportation;
  • Changes of the flora and fauna in and at water courses; use of aquatic species (fisheries and pond culture).

Fishes of river Mura

Chapter in volume

The article discusses about different fishes found in river Mura in Slovenia. Each species is described - its morphology, physiology, ecology, reproduction. It also stress the attention to savin the species from extinction.

Fishes of Bela krajina

Chapter in volume

The article discusses about fish species living in the rivers and streams in Bela krajina in Slovenia. It explains the variety of aquatic ecosystems which results in many different fish species. The author describes each species and focuses on the impact of enviroment changing on flora and fauna.

This article deals with archaeological investigations at Schela Cladovei, a prehistoric site in the Iran Gate section of the Danube. The animal bones stem from the Meso- and Neolithics as well as from the Iron Age. Mammals, birds and fish have been found in varying quantities in these periods. An increase of domestic animals was found for the Neolithics.