conservation and environmental protection

History of nature-, species-, water- and soil-protection, history of air and climate protection, history of the Austrian national parks (e.g. conflicts concerning Hainburg); historical reconstruction (e.g. with maps and descriptions) and their use for maintenance or reconstruction of a "potential natural state" based on current situations (management plans).

Ormožs lagoons

Chapter in volume

In the article, authors focus on the variety of animal and plant species in Ormožs lagoon in Slovenia. The discuss about the reason why is this ecosystem the hot spot of biodiversity. They also introduces the  anthropological influence in species living there.

The book discusses about Salmo armoratus in Slovenian rivers. It describes its features, habitats, role in ecosystem, morphology, physiology. The guidelines to protect this population are also shown. It points out the alternative option to save this species in rearing streams of river.