History of nutrition (food spectrum and food stuff), the use of and provision with resources (eg. wood); the provision situation and life standards; socio-ecological works with the concept of "social metabolism" (material and energy flows); works from the history of hunting (in combination with "animals").

Günther Brauner

In this article, Kerschner describes first the main freshwater fish species which were sold at the market in Linz and lists the different vernacular names to support the correct identification of species. After, he explains the locations of the fish market over the centuries before focusing on the waters fom which fish were delivered and the amounts of fish sold at the market. Kerschner finishes with an outlook on the import of marine fishes in the early 20th century. 

Fish and fish trading in ancient Linz

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The article investigates fish supply and fish trading in Linz, the capital of the Austrian province Upper Austria. It  describes the locations of urban market places since the 16th century and the necessary technical equipment of fish vendors including their facilities to store living fish. Wacha offers also an overview about the urban fish traders and their organisation. He informs about fish trading, especially of Danube sturgeons (beluga sturgeon) and methods to transport fish.