environmental laws and regulation

History of relations between nature and society and their regulation, in particular through institutions (formal institutions such as seigneuries, communes, codified systems or informal institutions such as management plans); history of normative regulation of rights to access, use and disposition of resources such as wood or water as can be found in different groups of sources (e.g. village laws, custumals, forest-, woodland-, pasture-, and mountain-regulations, modern environmental law).

Fly fishing in Slovenia


In the book author offers informations about fly fishing in Slovenian rivers. He discusses about the enviroments, flora and fauna in specific river and also takls about the formalities and lawxs connected with fly fishing in Slovenia.

The Black Sea is the world’s most isolated sea. As its catchment area is six times larger than its surface area, and every year about 350 km³ of river water from an area covering almost a third of continental Europe flow into the Black Sea, the Sea is very vulnerable to pressures resulting from land-based human activities such as industry, agriculture and growing urban communities. These activities are potential sources of pollution, and if not properly managed can have a negative impact on the water quality and water uses.