Histories of the material, organisational and institutional features of society which provide the functioning of provision and disposal, communication, traffic and transportation.

This project addresses the need to assess the environmental and health risks of chemicals used in food production, since their release into the environment may lead to different ecological effects. The occurrence and effects of selected chemicals on wildlife and humans will be addressed to provide data sets, which are necessary for scientifically-based risk assessment. Special emphasis will be put on the combined effects of environmentally relevant mixtures. A combination of state-of-the-art methods will be applied to predict synergistic and/or additive effects of combined exposure.

The Danube at Linz and its regulation

Article in journal

This article describes the development of the Danube River at the city of Linz. It gives insight on how industry dealt with the branching river, how the river bed evolved and when incision starts, about mean, low and high flow events as well as changes in flow velocity. A great number of flood events as well as ice development on the Danube River, bed load and water pollution are also described. The article ends with flood protection measures and the developing water usage for power generation.

In the Danube River Basin multiple pressures affect the river system as a consequence of river engineering works, altering both the river hydrodynamics and morphodynamics. The main objective of this paper is to identify the effects of hydropower development, flood protection and engineering works for navigation on the Danube and to examine specific impacts of these developments on  sediment transport and river morphology.