natural heritage

Description of Natural Heritage sites in the DRB; their origin and history, existing threats, potential for sustainable tourism or other human activities; long-term environmental background of biodiversity or endemic species; see also conservation and environmental protection. 

Fishes of river Mura

Chapter in volume

The article discusses about different fishes found in river Mura in Slovenia. Each species is described - its morphology, physiology, ecology, reproduction. It also stress the attention to savin the species from extinction.

Fishes of Bela krajina

Chapter in volume

The article discusses about fish species living in the rivers and streams in Bela krajina in Slovenia. It explains the variety of aquatic ecosystems which results in many different fish species. The author describes each species and focuses on the impact of enviroment changing on flora and fauna.

Ormožs lagoons

Chapter in volume

In the article, authors focus on the variety of animal and plant species in Ormožs lagoon in Slovenia. The discuss about the reason why is this ecosystem the hot spot of biodiversity. They also introduces the  anthropological influence in species living there.