• plants as parts of the production system, in particular of agriculture, and plants as resource (food stuffs, feed and raw material);
  • human-plant-relations and perception of plants;
  • protection of plant species and historical change of flora. Works in particular from agricultural history and -statistics, archaebotany, vegetation ecology and garden archaeology.

Ormožs lagoons

Chapter in volume

In the article, authors focus on the variety of animal and plant species in Ormožs lagoon in Slovenia. The discuss about the reason why is this ecosystem the hot spot of biodiversity. They also introduces the  anthropological influence in species living there.

Wather, the magnet for birds

Article in journal

In the article author discusses about the variety of bird species found in the near of aquatic ecosystem in Slovenia. He investigates how their life is connected with the river and how its survival depends on circumstances in its this aquatic ecosystem. He talks about flora and fauna in different part of the year.