History of the pollution of environmental media such as air, water (both surface water and ground water), and soils by means of materials which are an output of social activities; noise and light pollution are included.

The author investigates the influence of natural disaster  - landslide, which affected the river Soča in Slovenia. He describes how pollution reflects in population of fish species, invertebrates an flora in the area from Čezsoča to Tolmin.

The book interprets the research on geologic sediments in Lovrenško jezero (Pohorje), Slovenia.Results are based on findings of fosills of Cladocera and Diatomeae. It points out how the changes of enviroment are seen through this fossils.

A review of official information on pollution sources within the Danube basin district between Iron Gate and the confluences of Osam and Olt rivers has been made. Economic activities located in this area are considered to have potential impact on the environmental quality of the Danube floodplain between Vidin-Calafat and Nikopol-Turnu Magurele. Nineteen industrial enterprises have been identified as significant sources of contamination based on data from the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) referred to 2011.

This study focuses on development of a conceptual geodata model using UML class diagrams as a base for geodatabase schema appropriated for analysis and mapping of natural and technological hazards in the Danube floodplain between Vidin and Nikopol (Bulgaria). The design, development and application of a coherent geodatabase for this purpose should be considered as fundamental steps in the project ROBUHAZ-DUN.

This article presents the analytical results from water samples from Danube River for the period  23.05.2011 - 31.05.2011. The results reveal presence  of sediments, insoluble substances and oil products.The test exponent values of the water samples from the river Danube are in the admissible norms, according to the current Regulatory base. Despite this, these exponents have to be minimized to achieve the higher water quality.

Danube as a very large European river  contributes seriously to the economic development of Europe. The geographical location of the river  is an important condition for the impact of different factors to the water quality. The water pollution of Danube river on Serbian territory is the major goal of this study.