Works introducing and discussing the merits of particular sources for Environmental History. "Sources" denote classical historical sources (such as texts, but also maps, in particular cadastral maps), but also the objects of other disciplines (e.g. plants, pollen, bones, rocks); material solely editing sources has not been included.

The author in this article introduces interesting fact of providing drinkable wather in Slovenia from underground even if this county has lots of rivers. He stresses the reasons of providing it from underground world. He exposes the advantages and disadvantages of such actions.

Wacha describes campaigns to extirpate sparrows which became to be perceived as grain pest in the middle and second half of the 18th century in areas under regency of Habsburg Empress Maria Theresia. The articles provides especially historical sources starting from the first patent of 1749 until 1782 when Maria Theresia´s succesor Joseph II stopped the campaign.