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2014 DIAnet International School is a Project linked to the Danube:Future framework. Danube:Future, as a new concept of a long-term Flagship project, is a strategic way for building capacities in the Danube Region. This preface will allow a better understanding of the DIAnet International Schools, training schools for young researchers at the beginning of their careers.

Sustainable Development (SD) in the Danube River Basin needs an Interdisciplinary approach. Researchers must be able to identify, analyse and take into account the legacies of the past and the long history of human interactions with the environment in this densely inhabited region. This introductory contribution to DIANET 2013 maps the 7 pillars of the EU strategy for the Danube onto the ‘magic triangle’ of SD. Finding solutions requires understanding the present situation through the study of socio-natural sites.

DIS - DIAnet International School


The DIAnet Schools offer a unique opportunity for young researchers to familiarize with issues regarding the sustainable development of the Danube River Basin. The main goal is to provide systematic knowledge of a humanities-driven interdisciplinary research.

Researchers from different countries and different fields of study can work together to tackle sustainability issues of the Danube River Basin through an interdisciplinary perspective.