History of tourism and its effects on nature, e.g. increase of local resources extraction, landscape and land-use changes, new traffic routes. Potential of sustainable tourism especially in combination with Natural and Cultural Heritage. 

The presentation of cultural heritage through cultural routes and itineraries is in line with the preferences of the Strategy of the tourism development in the Republic of Serbia. Cultural (thematic) routes are presented as the priority axis of the national strategy of tourism development. They are represented in a long list of proposed, preliminary and completed projects based on the creation and promotion of cultural and thematic routes in this region.

The main objective of the project is to restore some of the ancient inland waterways in the Danube River Basin and Adriatic River Basin to help implement a sustainable boat tourism in order to connect societies in borderlands, improve their socio-economic future and consequently help improve water management and the environment of the river basins, reduce cross border water pollution, promote natural heritage and support local organic farming.