History of the movement of persons, goods or data in a defined space, history of transportation routes and means of transportation; quantitative and qualitative changes of traffic, its impact on the natural system (cp. "pollution" and "environmental pressures, impacts and stress") and its feedback on social organisation.

The impact of wave wash due to navigation is a current topic in large inland waterways. We investigated several environmnental parameters in 0+ fish habitats and analysed how they are affected by shipping and boating activities: The temporal sediment load and the variability of water velocities increase at the investigated inshore sites. The tow and splash pattern changes and the preferred residence areas of the 0+ fish undergo habitat loss. Especially in spring and early summer, the navigation frequency increases. This impacts the young of the year during their most vulnerable stages.

In the Danube River Basin multiple pressures affect the river system as a consequence of river engineering works, altering both the river hydrodynamics and morphodynamics. The main objective of this paper is to identify the effects of hydropower development, flood protection and engineering works for navigation on the Danube and to examine specific impacts of these developments on  sediment transport and river morphology.