Željka Fištrek

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Ph.D Student
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Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
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LS8_02 - Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics, plant-animal interactions
LS8_04 - Biodiversity, comparative biology
LS8_05 - Conservation biology, ecology, genetics
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biodiversity, management of natural resources, ecosystem services, renewable energy
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I graduated in the field of ecology from the University of Zagreb and hold a master’s degree in Environmental studies and sustainability science from Lund University. I am a full time researcher at Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar where I am mostly working on topics related to energy and environment, renewable energy sources etc. My professional experiences include design and implementation of energy projects, and evaluation of sustainability and environmental impact of energy projects. Since 2018, I hold a position of adjunct assistant at the Faculty of Science on the topic of GIS in biology. For my PhD I would like to explore concept of ecosystem services, biodiversity and bridging the gap between research institutions and beneficiaries of the research. Therefore, I am interested in applied science that can contribute to sustainable development and management of natural resources and areas. I am especially interested in application of technologies such as remote sensing of environment.

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