Aleksandar Gajić

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Ph.D Student
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History, Faculty of Philosophy
Novi Sad
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SH6_01 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology
SH6_02 - Prehistory and protohistory
SH6_03 - Ancient history
SH6_05 - Early modern history
SH6_06 - Modern and contemporary history
SH6_07 - Colonial and post-colonial history, global and transnational history
SH6_08 - Social and economic history
SH6_09 - History of ideas, intellectual history, history of sciences and techniques
SH6_10 - Cultural history
SH6_11 - History of collective identities and memories, history of gender
SH6_12 - Historiography, theory and methods of history
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Economic history of Habsburg Monarchy
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PhD Student of history. Worked as a a forensic analyst. The founder of the Danube Area Research Center in Novi Sad. Open minded. Favorite quote: Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. Political orientation: Leftist. Hobbies: Shooting. Favorite book: "The State" - Plato. Eternal adventurer and traveler. He loves music and extreme sports.

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