Ana Andjelković

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+381 11 7425782
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Ph.D Student
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LS8_01 - Ecology (theoretical, community, population, microbial, evolutionary ecology)
LS8_04 - Biodiversity, comparative biology
LS8_05 - Conservation biology, ecology, genetics
LS8_06 - Biogeography
LS8_08 - Environmental and marine biology
LS9_05 - Agriculture related to crop production, soil biology and cultivation, applied plant biology
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Plant Ecology / Invasion Biology
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I am a Ph.D. Student working at the Institute for Plant Protection and Environment, under the Scholarship of the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. My Ph.D. studies are part of the Ph.D. program at the Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. I am currently in the second year of my Ph.D. studies, and my Thesis deals with the problem of plant invasions in riparian habitats of rivers in the Danube basin, namely on trying to establish main pathways and corridors of invasion along Serbian watercourses, its working title being "Aquatic corridors of plant invasions in Serbia". Also, the ongoing research will put a special emphasis on the problem of Fallopia spp. (syn. Reynoutria spp.) invasion, as these highly invasive species have been documented in Serbia, and it is our aim to establish the current level of their invasion and determine the pathways of their further spread.

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