Andreea Ivanciof

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0040 21 307 71 12
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Faculty of Interior Architecture, Department Study of shape and environment
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Your research interests
SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_03 - Environmental regulations and climate negotiations
SH3_04 - Social and industrial ecology
SH3_09 - Spatial development, land use, regional planning
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
SH3_11 - Infrastructure, human and political geography, settlements
SH4_11 - Ethics and morality, bioethics
SH4_12 - Education: systems and institutions, teaching and learning
SH5_01 - Classics, ancient Greek and Latin literature and art
SH5_05 - Visual arts
SH5_09 - History of art and history of architecture
SH6_01 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology
SH6_03 - Ancient history
SH6_09 - History of ideas, intellectual history, history of sciences and techniques
LS8_01 - Ecology (theoretical, community, population, microbial, evolutionary ecology)
LS9_11 - Biohazards, biological containment, biosafety, biosecurity
PE2_13 - Relativity
PE3_01 - Structure of solids and liquids
PE6_01 - Computer architecture, pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing
PE6_08 - Computer graphics, computer vision, multi media, computer games
PE6_09 - Human computer interaction and interface, visualization and natural language processing
PE8_03 - Civil engineering, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
PE8_06 - Energy systems (production, distribution, application)
PE8_09 - Materials engineering (biomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, ...)
PE8_10 - Production technology, process engineering
PE8_11 - Product design, ergonomics, man-machine interfaces
PE8_12 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)
PE8_13 - Lightweight construction, textile technology
PE8_14 - Industrial bioengineering
PE9_04 - Formation of stars and planets
PE9_06 - Stars and stellar systems
PE10_03 - Climatology and climate change
PE10_04 - Terrestrial ecology, land cover change
Research fields: 
Architecture on water
A short presentation of yourself: 
Throughout the 5 years of Design Faculty at the University of Architecture, I had the opportunity to work earnestly and perseveringly in my desire to achieve excellence. I think I have a good balance between study capacity, workforce, accumulation and organization of information, supported by creativity and spontaneity. After graduating from the faculty, I continued to expand my area of competence working in various professional backgrounds and completed my studies with a Master of "New Trends, Materials and Technologies in Interior Design and Architecture" and a Doctorate in Architecture with the subject " Living in relation to water ", which propelled me to sailing schools to understand better this enviroment,the relation with the sea, and what it means to live on the water. I consider that this collaboration is important in the personal development directions and it is necessary to extend the already acquired skills and experience.

Contribution to the Danube:Future Knowledge base