Bálint Kádár

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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Department of Urban Planning and Design
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SH3_08 - Mobility, tourism, transportation and logistics
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
SH3_11 - Infrastructure, human and political geography, settlements
SH3_12 - Geo-information and spatial data analysis
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Sustainable urban tourism
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Architect, urban scholar and planner, I'm teaching and doing urban research as assistant professor at the department of Urban Planning and Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My research focuses on the spatial development of urban tourism in European cities, and on the usage of user generated digital content in urban research. I also give lectures on the rehabilitation of historic urban centers, tactical urbanism and participatory design. As an activist I lead architectural NGOs since 2000, leading today the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK), and I also run my architecture and urban design studio.

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