Dajana Cvrlje

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+3851238 3312
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Ph.D Student
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SH1_02 - Development, economic growth
SH1_03 - Microeconomics, institutional economics
SH1_04 - Econometrics, statistical methods
SH1_08 - Consumer choice, behavioural economics, marketing
SH1_11 - Public economics, political economics, public administration
SH1_12 - Income distribution, poverty
SH2_01 - Social structure, inequalities, social mobility, interethnicrelations
SH2_02 - Ageing, work, social policies, welfare
SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_02 - Environmental change and society
SH3_04 - Social and industrial ecology
SH3_06 - Families and households
SH4_02 - Human life-span development
SH4_04 - Cognitive and experimental psychology: perception, action, and higher cognitive processes
SH4_12 - Education: systems and institutions, teaching and learning
SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
PE1_08 - Analysis
PE1_14 - Statistics
PE1_17 - Numerical analysis
PE1_20 - Application of mathematics in sciences
PE1_21 - Application of mathematics in industry and society life
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Financial Literacy and Successfulness in Manganing Personal Finances
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Dajana Cvrlje is a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Department of Finance at the Faculty of Economics & Business. She graduated at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb (major: Finance) in 2008. In 2011 she completed Postgraduate specialist programme and received the title of University Specialist in Managing Financial Institutions, in the field of Economics. Since her employment she regularly attended various trainings related to the field of Finance, as well as those related to the improvement of teaching and communication skills. As a part of the European Union staff mobility programme (ERASMUS), in 2013 she visited Università del Salento in Lecce. Also, in 2012 she visited Corvinus University of Budapest where she participated in the PhD seminars. She is currently a PhD student at Doctoral study of Business and Economics (major: Business Economics) at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb.

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