Damir Čjepa

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+381 21 4853623
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Ph.D Student
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Novi Sad, Vojvodina
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PE4_01 - Physical chemistry
PE4_02 - Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques
PE4_04 - Surface science and nanostructures
PE4_07 - Chemical instrumentation
PE4_18 - Characterization methods of materials
PE5_01 - Structural properties of materials
PE5_03 - Surface modification
PE5_04 - Thin films
PE5_11 - Colloid chemistry
PE5_16 - Polymer chemistry
PE8_09 - Materials engineering (biomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, ...)
Research fields: 
Characterization of materials embedded in Cultural Heritage monuments
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The sphere of scientific interests is engineering research, the estimation of condition of cultural heritage objects and the ensuring of their structural safety under reconstruction and restoration. As a junior researcher and a student of PhD studies at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, gained needed knowledge and focus future research to the characterization of ancient materials embedded in Cultural Heritage monuments.

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