Diana Bebenova-Nikolova

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+359 888 494 077
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Post-Doc Fellow
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University of Ruse, Faculty of Business and Management, Department of European Studies, Tutor Prof. Juliana Popova
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SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
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Intercultural Communication and Competence
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In 2017 I had the great opportunity to participate in Krems Summer School and took part in the development of the interdisciplinary project "Iron Gates – The Green Reopening". I truly enjoyed the whole atmosphere and learned a lot both from the tutors and my group-colleagues. This is the reason why I am applying for the second time. Meanwhile I successfully finished my PhD in February 2018 and I now have the status of a post-doc fellow. My current study ( part of the project ROBG -420 MEMOFISH) focuses on identifying positive examples in the Danube area on how cross-border legacy can be used for sustainable purposes. The main conclusions would become part of a document "Culture Matters - Cross-border Cooperation for Heritage Management" for valorizing the cultural/natural heritage, which would be discussed by the wide-public in the cross-border region to become a policy document.This project is interdisciplinary and focused on the sustainable development of the ROBG Danube area.

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