Gaetano Dato

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via degli Alpini 135/2
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SH6_06 - Modern and contemporary history
SH6_07 - Colonial and post-colonial history, global and transnational history
SH6_10 - Cultural history
SH6_11 - History of collective identities and memories, history of gender
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: social, cultural and political history of 20th century Europe, with an emphasis on the Post–World War II period, the Cold War, the North Adriatic border region,sites of memory,political use of remembrance, the relationship between politics and religion
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As phd student, I study the relationships between politics and religion around the sites of memory in North Adriatic border region in late modern age. This means that I have discovered how the National tradition developed in German and Austrian culture in 19th century, became a foundamental paradigm both in Italian and Slovenian civil religions of the region, until the second half of 20th century. Using both Italian and Slovenian sources, I am trying to analyze the relation of Italian and Slovenian border society with their history and memory, and how these influences had affected public opinion and collective conscience. As contractor researcher and university student (specifically with my diploma in Social History), I studied the history of North Adriatic ports in late modern age. I particularly paid attention in the history of work, the organization of dockers, and the relationship between that harbours and their vital connection with the center-European inland.

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