Ioana (Dumitru after marriage) Ramona

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Ph.D Student
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ING Bank NV Bucharest Branch
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SH1_10 - Human resource management, labour economics
SH1_11 - Public economics, political economics, public administration
SH1_12 - Income distribution, poverty
SH1_13 - International trade, economic geography
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Impact of globalisation on the labor market
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My name is Ramona Ioana and I am highly interested in the Interdisciplinary School. This program was recommended to me by Mr Florin Foltean, the Director of the PHD School. In my personal life, I am a mother of a one year old son, Vlad, a lucky wife and a thankful daughter. I am grateful for what I’ve received until now from life. I can’t imagine what more I could wish for without having it. Yet, I am very much aware of the fact that things don’t purely happen, we are those who make them happen. Thus I truly believe the world can be changed by each of us and I want to believe that most of us desire a better one not only for themselves but also for the others. It only depends on us, it only needs each of us to be more attentive, patient, listen more and try to understand more before giving a verdict. And act. I am committed, more than ever, to do my part in it.

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