Ivana Čadovska

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+385 01 616 4153
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Ph.D Student
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National and University Library in Zagreb
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SH2_11 - Social studies of science and technology, science, technology and innovation policies
PE6_10 - Web and information systems, database systems, information retrieval and digital libraries
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scientific communication, bibliometrics, digital repositories, open access
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Ivana Čadovska works as a librarian at the Information Centre at the National and University Library in Zagreb. She is providing bibliometric services for Croatian scientific community, scientific journal editorial boards and the government. Also, she is PhD student at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She has published several papers and conference presentations about institutional repositories, digital libraries, bibliometric analyses and information technology in libraries and has participated at numerous professional and scientific conferences. She is a member of the Working Group on User Functionality in the DABAR (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories). She is a member of project team on the EU project Increasing access to electronic sources of scientific and professional information – e-sources.

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