Júlia Galántai

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SH2_01 - Social structure, inequalities, social mobility, interethnicrelations
SH2_02 - Ageing, work, social policies, welfare
SH2_03 - Kinship, cultural dimensions of classification and cognition, identity, gender
SH2_05 - Democratization, social movements
SH2_06 - Violence, conflict and conflict resolution
SH3_06 - Families and households
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Reproduction strategies and labour market
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I am currently a PhD student at the Hungarian Eötvös Lórand University in Budapest. My Phd topic is reproduction strategies and labour market. In Hungary in 2011 there was the lowest birth rate in Europe, but this number does not only correlate with the economic crisis since 2009. I am interseted in women's and men's strategies on having children and its harmonising with post-industrial society.

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