Jana Krčmářová

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Ph.D Student
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Praha 6
Czech Republic
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SH1_07 - Competitiveness, innovation, research and development
SH1_14 - History of economics and economic thought, quantitative and institutional economic history
SH2_01 - Social structure, inequalities, social mobility, interethnicrelations
SH2_03 - Kinship, cultural dimensions of classification and cognition, identity, gender
SH2_04 - Myth, ritual, symbolic representations, religious studies
SH2_07 - Political systems and institutions, governance
SH2_11 - Social studies of science and technology, science, technology and innovation policies
LS8_01 - Ecology (theoretical, community, population, microbial, evolutionary ecology)
LS8_04 - Biodiversity, comparative biology
LS8_05 - Conservation biology, ecology, genetics
PE1_14 - Statistics
PE10_04 - Terrestrial ecology, land cover change
Research fields: 
traditional agriculture, agorofrestry, historical land use, reconstruction of history, active forgetting and inventing of traditions
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My dissertation theme is “traditional agriculture as cultural heritage”. In the process of industrialisation many of the small scale, extensive and seasonal practices and their intertwined complexes became extinct and nowadays in search for the new-purpose land-use management we turn back to them. Agricultural management of trees (so called agroforestry) in the Czech Republic is one of these practices. The general aim of my research is to to map and describe the currently forgotten techniques of agroforestry known in Czechia in 19th century as well as discuss the dynamic and actors in the forgetting of this extensive traditional management during the industrialization. That would allow the international comparison of Czech situation with especially geographically most close (German, Polish, Hungarian, Austrian) etnographic paralella and eventually the theoretical and practical advocacy of conservation or restoration of these plots and their management in Czechia.

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