Jostina Dhimitri

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Department of Geography, Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, Albania
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PE10_01 - Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric composition, air pollution
PE10_03 - Climatology and climate change
PE10_04 - Terrestrial ecology, land cover change
PE10_07 - Physics of earth's interior, seismology, volcanology
PE10_08 - Oceanography (physical, chemical, biological, geological)
PE10_13 - Physical geography
PE10_17 - Hydrology, water and soil pollution
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Physical geography, Eco tourism, geography education,
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My name is Jostina Dhimitri. I am an Associated Professor. I develop physical geography and also in my professional carrier are environmental issues, ecotourism and geography education, ethics issues, ICT in geography etc. I teach in Bachelor and Master Studies for about 12 years. I have taken a lot of responsibilities during my carrier as full time professor, inspector, head teacher etc. I have taken part in a lot of project related to geography subject. You can see them to my CV and my LinkedIn website.

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