Lavinia-Ioana Opriș

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Ph.D Student
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Zalău, Sălaj County
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SH2_05 - Democratization, social movements
SH2_07 - Political systems and institutions, governance
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Civil society and democratization in Africa
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I am a PhD candidate in political science at the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of European Studies. My main research interests lie in the role that civil society actors play in the shaping of political regimes, particularly those faced with the process of democratic transition in Africa, as well as in the complex state-civil society interplay that can be associated with this area. I have a background in international relations and sustainable development, having completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in these fields respectively (in 2011 and 2013). My published articles include a paper applying neo-realist theory to the case of Somalia-Ethiopia-Eritrea interactions, a material addressing European integration dilemmas stemming from a proposal envisioning a separate Parliament for the Eurozone, as well as three chapters in a book on foreign policy and diplomacy. In the summer semester of the 2014 academic year, I have taught a seminar in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.

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