Lidija Sunjic

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Ph.D Student
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Faculty of Economics in Mostar, University of Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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SH1_06 - Banking, corporate finance, accounting
SH1_07 - Competitiveness, innovation, research and development
SH1_09 - Organization studies, strategy
SH1_10 - Human resource management, labour economics
SH1_11 - Public economics, political economics, public administration
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Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Human Resources, Communication, International Business, Banking   sector, fiscal system, corporate governance, project management,   globalization, economy in tourism, internationalization of universities and higher education
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• Social and communicative person, prone to teamwork and working with others and by others. These competencies were acquired many years of engagement in handball and dancing. In college and at work upgraded oratory and communication skills through a variety of courses, presentations, projects. • Easily adaptable to different cultures and people thanks to the numerous journeys to different countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey, France, Netherlands etc.).

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