Maria-Natasa Tatui-Vaidianu

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Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences
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SH1_02 - Development, economic growth
SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_02 - Environmental change and society
SH3_03 - Environmental regulations and climate negotiations
SH3_05 - Population dynamics, health and society
SH3_09 - Spatial development, land use, regional planning
SH3_11 - Infrastructure, human and political geography, settlements
SH3_12 - Geo-information and spatial data analysis
SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
SH5_11 - Cultural heritage, cultural memory
PE6_12 - Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools
PE10_17 - Hydrology, water and soil pollution
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Governance in Danube Delta, Coastal management, Blue Growth
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Maria-Natasa Tatui-Vaidianu, born in Romania, worked in France (Angers and Brest) and United Kingdom (Liverpool) and conducted research in various other places (Italy, Malta, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, and Bulgaria). She is currently involved in projects about ocean governance (SDG 14 targets) and maritime spatial planning, especially in the fields of environmental governance, blue growth and blue economy, sustainable wetland management, integrated coastal zone management, accessibility and land-use conflicts. Geographically, her work covers Black Sea Basin, Danube Delta and Eastern Europe. Studies on relationship among high ecological value, vulnerability with a largely unrecognized cultural complexity, social sustainability and future planning, interpretation of place and biosphere reserve label, as well as issues in implementation of plans and policies at different levels were carried out.

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