Marija Čutura

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++387 36 355 118
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Assistant professor
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Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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SH1_08 - Consumer choice, behavioural economics, marketing
SH1_10 - Human resource management, labour economics
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Economy and Sociology
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I was born on April 4, 1972 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1996 I received a bachelor's degree in Political sciences form the Faculty of Political Sciences, the University of Zagreb. After that, I moved on to the postgraduate study at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Mostar and gained a title of Master of Science in 2006. I defended my doctoral thesis at Faculty of Economy, the University of Sarajevo, in 2011. I have been an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economy, University of Mostar, since 2011. Currently, I teach several subjects from the field of marketing and management, as well as the introduction to scientific research methodology. I am the author and co-author of a great number of papers. The scope of my research area has an interdisciplinary character: international marketing, as well as youth studies (system of values, work ethics, youth evaluation of the higher education system and Bologna Process, etc.).

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